What Is The Accuracy Levels Of 9 DPO Pregnancy Tests? Update 2016

What Is The Accuracy Levels Of 9 DPO Pregnancy Tests?


Do you want to know how many days of ovulation you are ready to conceive? Are the nine days past ovulation pregnancy test accurate and suitable time for BFP? Or Is 9 DPO pregnancy test is too early to get the positive test? When does the pregnancy test become positive?

Well, for a positive outcome of pregnancy test, the fertilized ovum needs to pass through the fallopian tubes and gets implanted inside the uterus. It is then that enough amount of HCG get sent into it. The HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is the hormone essential for pregnancy. It consists of the cells formed in the placenta. This hormone nourishes the fertilized egg and becomes attached to the uterine membrane.

One week post ovulation (6 to 12 days), the fertilized ovum implants into the endometrium. It takes additional 3 to 4 days post the implantation procedure (9-10 DPO) for the blood test for pregnancy to show positive results. You may get the varied result of blood pregnancy test and HTP or urine test.

  • Blood test for pregnancy: The result of this pregnancy test comes out positive within 3 to 4 days post the implantation process or around 9 to 10 days post ovulation and fertilization. This test is suitable if you are looking for more accuracy for 9 DPO pregnancy tests. This test is more sensitive than HPT.
  • HPT/ Urine pregnancy test: In-home pregnancy test, normally you get positive results only after missing a period or after a week's time post implantation. Urine pregnancy testing is best done with more concentrated urine. Most manufacturers offering pregnancy test kits (urine-based) opt you to believe that urine oriented pregnancy test is positive before the period is missed; however, according to statistics, only 25% of women get positive outcome two days before missed period and 40% before a day your menstrual cycle is missed.

There are high possibilities that you are 9 DPO, and still, you get negative HPT. This may be because it takes some time to build up pregnancy hormones HCG inside your system for BFP.

In the week before AF (period) arrives, most pregnant women have 5 - 50 mIU of HCG in their system. The counts of HCG get double every 2-3 days. The most sensitive HPTs typically test for 25 mIU.

9 DPO Pregnancy Tests

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When Will You Have HCG in Your System?

The first pregnancy hormone starts to be produced after implantation, not at the moment of conception. Therefore if you ovulate on cramping day 15 then, you may have conception occur on cramping day 16. So the implantation occurs on CD 21 or 9DPO. It will take few days to build up enough HCG in your system to trigger a BFP. Instead the early test, you should begin testing around 10 DPO or later.

Here are given some results of one of the HPT obsessed people which will give you the clear idea in which manner HCG increases its level day by day after ovulation. Let me clear here the HCG level varies from person to person.

HCG Levels for Relative DPO

  • Less than 5 DPO 1-2 mIU
  • 5 DPO 2-5 mIU
  • ​6 DPO 4-10 mIU
  • ​7 DPO 8-20 mIU
  • ​8 DPO 10-25 mIU
  • ​9 DPO 15-30 mIU
  • ​10 DPO 20-50 mIU
  • ​12 DPO 40-100 mIU
  • ​16 DPO 200-400 mIU
  • 20 DPO 220-800 mIU

From the above numbers, you may get the idea that in which manner HCG increases in your system. By around 8-10 days your HCG level rises to 25-50 mIU range. This only occurs when women can receive a positive outcome.


When Should You Start Testing?

I know two weeks wait for HPT seem killing or punishment for eternity for you. It will start itching in your hands for the testing which will result in certain wasting. You should certainly have some patience if you are hoping positive HPT.

The answer to your question depends on upon the sensitivity of the test. Normally, most of the pregnancy tests will advise you for HPT before five days of your missed period. Elaborating this thing further, it means five days before your cramping day 28 of the cycle and presuming ovulation on day 14. I want to give you a piece of advice here that you should prefer to read first the labels of pregnancy tests then you should buy them.

This sort of mensuration cycle is called ideal even though only a few women can have it. This indicates that you can probably have positive HPT on 10 DPO. So clearly 9DPO pregnancy test will be wasted. Therefore you should avoid taking 9DPO tests if you are expecting BFP (Big fat positive).

What is the Accuracy Level of 9 DPO Pregnancy Test?

9 DPO Pregnancy Tests

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I have overlooked some statistics which are prepared from the results of 9 DPO HPT obsessed people and pee stick users which are as shown in below image.

As mentioned in the graph, the negative result is the false negative result. It means you may have chances for pregnancy, but because of the early pregnancy test, it leads to BFN (Big fat negative).

Only a few lucky women only get BFP on their 9 DPO. Therefore I advise you to wait until your missed period. In some cases, it also occurs that you may get a negative result on 9 DPO, but it may get convert into positive on 10 DPO. It wholly depends on upon the implantation times. As shown in above graph, there are fewer chances of BFP on nine days past ovulation.


All in all the positive HTP totally depends on upon the implantation time and the missed period of your cycle. From the graph and some statistics, you may get the idea of suitable time to get an accurate result of your pregnancy test. You should make yourself calm and patient during these days.

Do not get too much obsessed with HPTs. As shown in the image, you should avoid 9 DPO pregnancy tests, if you want to get expected outcome. Because there are higher chances to show the results on your pee stick like this: “unsure” or “negative.” Have some patience and stop being obsessed, wait until your missed period. Give your suggestions and responses in below comment box.

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