About Us

Hello everybody and welcome all of you guys to the website. I am Christina Ann. It is my pleasure to be the representative for sharing all of readers the whole information about the distinctive knows- how to take care of the baby.
As long as you update our website for the first time, please get the instant access.
The website sis set up in the year of 2013 with the aim of providing the useful source of advice as well as the secret in order to assist all mothers more and more conveniently in terms of looking after their offspring.
My story
I grew up in a family whose parents do not much the favorable condition for caring me like the new generation now. Due to the eating diet, especially the lack of vitamin supplement along with the direction for taking part in the outdoor activities from parents, I am currently suffering from a lot of troubles. First is in the weight. I am extremely thin and that is the reason why people often said that I am skinny and do not have enough power for completing any task. When getting the interview, all the managers said that they are afraid about my health state and think that I am only suitable for the consumer service job. I am disappointed in spite of the fact that I have enough qualified for the job. Second, my height is not really ideal compared to that of my friend, which makes me embarrassed all the time.
Based on my own story, I really wish all mother will be take the consideration in terms of caring their own baby. It is important for them to take notice of the following thing
What we do
Supply the enough nutrition for the baby including vitamin, protein,
Encourage the baby to get involved the outdoor activities for the comprehensive development.
Regularly take the child to hospital for health inspection
What we should not do
Leave the child with the free eating diet, especially with fast food
Make children get addiction with the games or alcohol