Is It Normal For Me To Feel My Baby Kicking The Cervix?

Is It Normal For Me To Feel My Baby Kicking The Cervix?


So you now feel a hiccup, punch, wriggle, twist and kick! Relax for this because it is a joyful experience, compared to the other boring ones! Most moms-to-be get those ‘baby kicking cervix area doubts.’ Smile now for those kicks means your little one is going to be a super energetic person.

Most moms become doubtful and want answers to all the kicks. For instance, some mothers feel the baby is having an extra limb or so! Moreover, other fears also form in mind.

All babies are unique about their kicking, yet some kicks or movements are standard. This article lets you get those clues and answers about the kicks going on down there.

Fetal Movement – First Trimester


Your baby is only a group of cells and cannot create big kicks in the third month's end. You would experience only the occasional headaches, queasiness, and fatigue during the third trimester. Thus, this means fast developments and less of those kicks.

Fetal Movement – Second Trimester

The powerful life in you starts the fast squirm and fidget in the middle of 14th and 26th week. Moreover, usually cases it is close to week 18 to week 22 inches an average. However, specific exceptions are still possible!

The active role of the position of your baby’s placenta, whether it is anterior or facing front, means a lot. For it may diminish the movements and makes you wait for weeks for those kicks.

How are the kicks?

baby movements during pregnancy

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These are tough to explain and notice. You may feel it like butterflies in your tummy:

  • A twitch or push happens along with hunger pangs and growling.
  • Be ready to smile as these actions bring them naturally.

Don’t Compare

Baby Kicking The Cervix

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Try not to compare your baby movements with other mother’s patterns. All babies are different!

The Most Likely Time of Movement

Just like the rocking of the cradle, during your vigorous day activities the baby sleeps. Moreover, when you sleep the baby starts becoming active due to the following:

  • You concentrate on the baby more while you are resting in the evening.
  • After snacks, the high blood sugar gives your child a push.
  • While nervous, there is a rush of energy from adrenalin that the child gets immediately!

Pregnancy - Month 4

Thinner and previous mothers are the first to sense the actions of the baby. For few more weeks, most moms will not notice the twitches and flits that seem like muscle spasms or gas.

Pregnancy - Month 5

The first movement of baby or quickening is felt now. Notice the growing energy of the child after this with stronger punches. Those tiny muscles turn powerful and initial motor skills grow. The little master can yet turn somersaults quickly.

There may be times when you did not feel any action in the middle of the month. Then the doctor will have an ultrasound to check if the baby is fine – for there are more chances that your due date is off!

Pregnancy – Month 6


Baby has more: Notice the habit of leg movements that look determined. Although never predictable you might feel the regularity of the delicate feet taps.

Fetal Action in Third Trimester

Now the womb is crampier, so from here expect to feel fetal movements each day. Start the following for the rest of this quarter.

Count Baby’s Kicks

Now your doctor will ask you to start counting your baby fetal movements. To check if everything is moving as planned. Here is what you will check from the 28th week towards the remaining term.

  • Numbers: Twice a day uses quiet hours for counting kicks. Check in the morning once when lesser and in evenings during more actions.
  • Start Counting: Note the time and begin. Count all actions rolls, flutters, wishes, and kicks. Moreover, end counting while reaching ten, record the time.
  • Check for: Although it may take longer, 10 actions in one hour or less is healthy.
  • Feel ten movements in an hour: Consume fruit juice or snack, rest, and begin counting. Meet your doctor if the baby has less than 10 actions in two hours. The decrease in movements is not something wrong but could be an alarm for a quick check-up.

Remember – As you reach the due date, go for regular checking in fetal actions.

Pregnancy - Month 7

The baby can turn and toss yet for a little while longer. Your baby is getting stronger every day. Those punches are frequent yet joyful.

Apart from kicks, you feel regular slight rhythmic tics. Both some babies that have hiccups and those not having are perfectly healthy. Relax since hiccups are seen in adults!

Pregnancy – Month 8

Baby Kicking The Cervix

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Baby gets bigger and the womb is smaller for it to move. Now energetic tumbling is less, and the turning or wriggling continues. Some good knee and elbow jabs are possible.

When babies’ drumming music gets irritating, it changes position. Stand if sitting or vice-versa or try lying sideways; the baby will also shift positions.

  • Now you can even communicate with your infant: When you feel a protrusion like a foot or a knee, place a soft press.

Pregnancy – Month 9

Your baby is now almost total average weight and length, ready to exit from the womb. Not yet time for those rapid-fire pummeling kicks. Now there are bigger lurches and boots when the baby turns over. Some will place pounds over the cervix to find the exit.

Some Other Problems

Baby's feet get placed in your ribs. Though it is painful to try pelvic tilts, changing your position and an easy nudge may solve the issue.

Before Labor and Delivery

Now patterns rapidly change, but you do not have to worry as the baby will come out of the womb.

The final weeks before delivery are unique to each mom. Some children either move lesser or are too energetic. Don’t get too worried as it is the first interview with the baby!

In all of these cases, you can understand your situation better by doing a simple task of eating a snack. The snack will awaken the child. Check for more movements within two hours. If not felt, contact your doctor immediately.

Hope this valuable information in this article helps you whenever you get those ‘baby kicking cervix feelings.’ Come back here for more of such great articles. Please give your comments and opinions in the comments section below. Until next time, happy counting the kicks!

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