Why Does My Newborn Baby Won't Sleep In A Bassinet?

Why Does My Newborn Baby Won’t Sleep In A Bassinet?


Have you just become a mother? Do you just love when your newborn baby falls asleep on your chest? Certainly, every mother loves to spend time with her newborn baby and keep him/her close to her. Although you enjoy it, you cannot continue doing it all night.

Are you having trouble getting your newborn baby sleep alone in a bassinet? You might have tried various ways to keep her in a bassinet. Have you even tried all swaddling techniques and concerned what if your baby won’t sleep in a bassinet? None of the techniques is working? Are you worried about what should you do next?

You should not bother too much about it. You just need to go through all the information mentioned below. It will surely help you to make your newborn baby sleep in a bassinet at night.

Before you learn the techniques to make your newborn baby in a bassinet, understand the reasons why your baby won’t sleep in a bassinet. The main reason is the flat surface of the bassinet.

Your baby is used to sleeping on a curved surface like a womb. That is the most comfortable position for them. Here are some tips, which you can implement to make bassinet comfortable so that your baby can sleep in it for a longer time.

Tips for you implement to make bassinet comfortable

1. Create Elevation in Your New Born Baby’s Bedding


To create the inclination in your baby’s bedding, you can fold or roll towel and place it under the mattress. By doing so, your baby will not feel the bassinet flat, and it will give comfort. You can keep that inclination small for the safety point of view of your newborn baby. At first, your baby may not stay there for a long while but give it some time. Baby will feel more comfortable in it and will stay there for a longer time.

2. Give Your Baby Some Practice Time in Bassinet

If you put your baby in a bassinet directly to sleep, then he can get scared, and your baby won’t sleep in a bassinet. Therefore, it would be a wise choice to let him spend some time in a bassinet when he is in a good mood.

You can keep your baby in a bassinet after feeding him. Let him explore that place so that he starts feeling soothing over there. This can help him to get used to it and feel safe in it. Just let him play in there until he gets tired and maybe fall asleep in it by himself. This is not a permanent remedy, but it can make the process bit smoother. Just give it some time.

3. They Love to be Snug while Sleeping


There is no doubt that every newborn baby wants to be snug while sleeping. When he was in the womb, he used to sleep like that. It takes time for them to get used to other things. It will help you if you use something like padding or newborn petitioners. It makes them feel like they are being held.

4. Use Cozy Sheets to Let Them Sleep Independently

Your newborn baby feels better when he puts his face into something soft and cozy. Now, one concern is the chances of suffocation if you use a blanket or loose bedding. You can just place thin and soft velour. Your baby will feel that soft texture on his face and will sleep by themselves.

This helps a lot than other ways. It makes them very comfortable and induces sleep very fast. If your baby cannot sleep whole night straight then, you can try other sleeping strategies. It will incorporate with cozy sheets and will make your newborn baby sleep. To make your newborn baby sleep is one thing and to stay asleep whole night is another. This will help your baby stay asleep the whole night.

5. Do Not Let Your New Born Baby Miss You while You are Sleeping


One of the reasons your baby cannot sleep in a bassinet at night is because he misses you. You can try few things to avoid this. While your baby is trying to sleep, just stay close to him and sing a song or hum. It makes them feel like you are around and they can sleep peacefully.

You may need to do this a lot at first, but it makes them feel comfortable. One more thing you can do is to keep one of your old clothes under his mattress. It makes them feel like you are around by the scent of yours. Normally, your unique scent is easily recognized by your baby, and it soothes them.

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If you let your baby lay down on a flat surface, then it will induce trouble. It will certainly torture your baby, and he will get irritated. You just need to create a slanted seat in a bassinet. It will help him to keep milk down. That is the reason your baby cannot sleep in a bassinet.

Newborn Baby cry In A Bassinet

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You can create this position by putting a pillow under his mattress. Just introducing a slant inclination will help them to sleep in a cozy position. You can use even baby’s bean bag but do not try to keep it in a bassinet. It is strongly not recommendable.


I hope the information mentioned above regarding why my newborn baby does not sleep in a bassinet at night will help you. As mentioned above, there are several ways that you can get rid of problems regarding your baby is not able to sleep in a bassinet. You should just need to understand one thing that to create an environment like a womb in a bassinet is very important. Therefore, you should never overlook the importance of it

All the possible options presented above will guide you in the best possible way. I suppose it will guide you in right manner. If you have any doubt, then comment below, and we would be more than happy to help you. Thank you!

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