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Complete List On Foods That Are Good For 9 Months Old Baby


When the baby has completed his nine months, then he probably is ready to have a variety of food items. It is quite important to add complementary food to the diet chart of the baby to maintain the proper balance. Also, nine months is an age where it is considered a good time to provide him with complex cereals and several varieties of food items.

In the blog below, we have mentioned about food for nine-month-old baby. It is necessary for parents to know about baby food chart so that they can plan meals for their baby accordingly. By nine months, most of the babies are comfortable with three solid meals. The three solid meal diets are necessary for the baby to render him with proper fat and nutrition.

Try Out Some Creativity!

The packet food items for baby are quite easy to find in multi-stores, but the packaged food items should be avoided as much as possible by the parents. One should try making use of either a steamer or a mini food processor. For instance, one should start by boiling a few vegetables by putting some veggies along with required amount of water and bring them to boil.

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Also, one can show their creative style by serving the pasta to the baby in a creative manner. For instance, the pasta serving should be done before running it in the food processor along with broccoli and beans. A mini food processor processes the food in such a manner that it is baby friendly. The same trick is useful while serving some lasagne to the baby.

Lastly, the parents should make sure that everything the baby is getting to eat is soft enough for the baby to chew. Even the consistency of ripe bananas should be soft for the baby. Also, one should avoid food items that might cause choking. For instance, peanut butter, raw tomatoes, and honey should be made use of in a very small quantity.

Some of the Meal Suggestions

The nine-month-old baby should be given healthy and nutritional meal every time to maintain the proper diet and balance.

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  • Oats: The parents should first start with preparing the unsweetened oats for the baby. One can start oats with breast milk, water or sometimes juice. One can also add in some sliced bananas, strawberries, apples and almond to provide variation to the baby.
  • Pancakes: One should make pancakes with the whole grain mix for the baby. Avoid using semolina. Also, mixing a little pinch of wheat germ will make the pancakes a healthy boost. Lastly, toppings can include different fruit purees. Avoid using sugary syrups.
  • Eggs: The parents should serve eggs to the baby by adding a bit of cottage cheese to the egg and then scrambling them. Eggs have high nutritional value, so they should be provided to the baby at least twice a week. Also, for variations, one can try making either tofu or softened veggie.


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  • Cheese: One can start with providing the baby whole wheat bread with some processed cheese sprinkled on it, and less quantity of butter applied to the bread. Before serving it to the baby, the sandwich should have slices. Also, for variations, one can make use of different types of cheese and sometimes add avocado or cucumber in between the bread slices.
  • Sandwiches: The baby With very soft whole wheat bread, and the crust of the bread should be cut out. It should be taken note of that only some amount of peanut butter is taken in use while making sandwiches for the baby as it might sometimes result in choking. For the middle ingredients, one can make use of yolk of eggs, avocado, tomato or even cream cheese.
  • Soup: For the perfect soup for the babies, one can start by boiling the broth with some vegetables and noodles. The soup should be served when it is lukewarm and not too hot. One can also add some beans and processed cheese.
  • Macaroni: One should try making macaroni from whole wheat noodles that are made boil in broth and some amount of butter accompanied with processed cheese. For variations, one can also try mixing puree of green vegetables like peas, spinach, broccoli and mashed beans.
  • Yogurt: The parents should always serve the baby with unsweetened yogurt only. To add some flavor one should prefer adding some fresh fruit.


  • Baked potatoes: One can try serving the baby with baked potatoes by firstly removing the outer mask of the potatoes and then mashing them along with some butter and boiled veggies. One can also try processing the potatoes in a mini food processor along with some cheese, boiled veggies, and butter. For some variations, try making a tofu out of the potatoes or adding meat to it.
  • Pasta or Rice: The best way to serve pasta or rice to the baby is to run either of the food items in the food process along with some sauce. One should not make use of seasoning in large quantity. One can also try serving the food dish by mixing some healthy and nutritious veggies such as zucchini or even meat.
  • Lasagna: While making lasagna for the baby, it should be taken note of that the fillings like spinach, cheese or sauce or into the dish with the help of food processor. For variations, one can even try serving the dish with different types of cheese and veggies.
  • Family dinner: Do not panic by reading family dinner. If the family dinner does not have something that the baby can chew or eat properly, then prefer adding some portion of each food item into the processor and make a blend of all food items for the baby. The blend need not be perfectly smooth.

Some Additional Tips!

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It is quite important to follow the proper diet chart for the nine-month-old baby so that the baby gets proper nutrition from each food item and does not lack any vitamin or minerals. Some of the additional tips while preparing food for the baby are as follows

  • The baby should not have restrictions to only some food textures and varieties. By the age of nine months, the baby is old enough to try as many as possible different food textures that will not only provide him with proper nutrition but will also render him with the proper balance of every food item. Also, the baby is big enough to try new dishes rather than just having purees of vegetables and fruits.
  • One should start serving the baby with lumpy food items. Also, the baby can now eat soft food items like ripe bananas, fresh bread, and boiled potatoes. The baby should be given very well cooked finger carrots, beans, and bananas. The baby should be given a chance to try every food item with some creativity.
  • Most of the parents get scared with just the thought of serving the baby with new dishes. The parents need to know the importance of serving the baby with different food items and also that it is totally okay to serve the baby with different variations in food.


It is very important for the parents to know that by the time their baby turns nine months old, it is necessary for them to introduce the baby to three-meal diet. The three-meal diet will not help the baby gain proper nutrition from all food items but will also develop a habit in him of eating every kind of food item. In the blog above, we have mentioned about food for nine-month-old baby. The parents should very likely follow the diet chart as well as the additional charts.

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