How To Work Towards Having A Baby Boy? Update 2016

How To Work Towards Having A Baby Boy?


As parents, if you’ll are looking to having a baby boy, then there are various ways of increasing the chances of realizing this dream.

It would be helpful to know the chromosome structure of boys and girls during this quest. There are two categories of sperms, which are X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. The sex of the baby is determined by the type of sperm which fertilizes the female egg. The X chromosome bears a female child, and the Y chromosome gives birth to a male offspring.

According to research experts, male sperms were found to be weaker as compared to the female ones. Also, the female sperms are known to endure for a longer duration within the mother’s body. In the following details, we will be sharing details on how you can conceive a male child.

1. General Instructions

having a baby boy

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  • It would be helpful to practice deep penetration poses with your partner, as the male sperm has to travel lesser distance for reaching the female egg, as a result of doing so.
  • The weaker Y chromosome is known to have a short life-span, and deep penetration ensures that the Y chromosome can reach the egg, and not wither beforehand. Doggy style, straddling and standing-up are few sexual positions that can be tried.
  • ​During the expedition of having a baby boy, partners can time their intercourse close to the women’s ovulation period. Here, it may be helpful for the women to know her ovulation cycle.
  • ​Ovulation test kits can be used for this purpose. If partners enjoy sex several days before the ovulation period, then it is likely that the male sperm could die, thereby leaving the stronger female sperm to fertilize the egg.
  • ​It is recommended that the man wears boxer shorts, and not briefs or tight underwear, to avoid the scrotum from becoming hot and affecting the sperm production course. Female sperms may endure high temperatures, but it may be difficult for the male sperm to survive in such conditions.
  • ​It is also suggested for females to reach orgasm before indulging in sex with their male counterparts. By doing so, an alkaline environment is created which is considered favorable for fostering the male sperm.
  • ​Men are advised to take certain measures for maximizing their sperm count. They must avoid smoking, drink, consume illegal drugs and certain medicines.
  • Women must restrict themselves from consuming spicy foods and dairy products. The acidic levels within the body can be reduced by doing so.

2. Consuming Suitable Foods

Consuming Suitable Foods

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Certain foods are advised to be added to the diet, and these are discussed below:

  • Women can consume two bananas on a daily basis for having a baby boy. Bananas rate high in potassium content, which allows the survival of the male sperm for a longer time-period in the womb.
  • Breakfast cereals that are fortified can also be relished by women, to keep the body nourished with nutrients for helping the male sperm to endure longer in the womb.
  • Mushrooms are rich in nutrients such as vitamin-D as well as potassium, and can help in nurturing the male sperm.
  • Doctors recommend the intake of citrus fruits as they contain vitamin-C, thereby helping to create an alkaline atmosphere and preventing the male sperm from dying.
  • Foods rich in glucose and starch can also be relished. Foods such as rice as well as potatoes contain starch, and may be consumed. They can help in building calories and maintaining healthy weight measures.
  • Seafood is sources of minerals such as zinc. These nutrients can help in increasing the man’s sperm count. Here, the chances of conceiving a male child are heightened.
  • The intake of salty foods is also recommended to conceive a male child. Salty foods such as crackers, pickles and pepperoni may be included in the women’s diet. Also, salt can be added when relishing fruits, vegetables or salads. However, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of salt after conceiving a baby as it could lead to higher blood pressure levels.
  • Tomatoes contain vitamin-C, and they also help in striking a balance in the sodium-potassium levels. These conditions are ideal for balancing the PH levels and therefore, should be consumed.
  • ​Pickles can also be added to the women’s diet due to its constituents such as salt, sodium, and potassium. The consumption of these foods can also be helpful in conceiving a baby boy.
  • ​Fruits, as well as vegetables, are sources of potassium, and these foods can also be included in the diet plan. Fruits including apricots, apples, and cantaloupes contain potassium and can be devoured. Potassium-rich vegetables such as spinach, squash, beans, and potatoes should also be consumed.
  • ​Pumpkin seeds are sources of nutrients such as zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. Both men and women are recommended to add these foods to their diet when trying for a male child.
  • ​Nuts such as almonds and flaxseeds are high in nutrient value, and they can also be added to the daily diet.
  • Nutrients such as potassium, vitamin-C, vitamin-D and vitamin-B12 are contained in Asparagus, and for this reason, it would be advisable to relish these vegetables. These nutritional elements can help to nurture the male sperm for longer intervals.

3. Herbs and Supplements

having a baby boy

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Including the below-listed herbs and supplements in the diet are also advised when trying to bear a male child:

  • Foods such as eggplants, grapes, berries and red cabbage contain compounds such as anthocyanins, which serves as an anti-oxidant and immune-booster. Eating them raw or mixing them in salads is the best way to consume them, as cooking these vegetables could lead to loss of the nutrient. This compound can make the atmosphere suitable for the conception of a male child.
  • The vaginal environment can also be made alkaline as a result of relishing foods such as blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranate, due to the acidic compound namely, Ellagic acid.
  • Caulis Sargentodoxa is a herb that can prepare the body for pregnancy. It performs functions such as cleansing the reproductive system and enhancing the circulation of nutrients to the various reproductive organs. The chances of the egg being fertilized with the Y chromosome are increased with the intake of this herb.
  • Folic acid supplements may be taken. Also, foods that are rich in folic acids such as eggs, nuts, seafood, dairy products, and fruit juices are advised to be added to the diet schedule. Daily consumption of folic acid can assist in keeping the reproductive system healthy.
  • Foods such as pecans, nuts, and seeds contain amino acids such as arginine. Consuming these foods is also recommended for having a baby boy.
  • The chemical balance of the body can be restored, and the chances of fertility can be improved as an outcome of consuming natural supplements such as Guaifenesin. This supplement has a thinning effect on the cervical mucus and aids the transportation of the Y chromosome to the fallopian tube for the fertilization process to ensue. There are higher chances of the egg getting fertilized with the male sperm, as a result.


The above-listed measures may prove to be helpful for making the vaginal atmosphere conducive for the conception of a male child. Both men and women are required to co-operate when trying for a baby boy. Get more information on conceiving and working towards pregnancy on our website.

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