How To Make The Whole Experience Of Moving While Pregnant Easier?

How To Make The Whole Experience Of Moving While Pregnant Easier?


It was two months back that I discovered that I am pregnant. My husband and I hadn’t been planning on it, but we were excited to bits. At the same time, we realized that our small flat would not provide enough space for when the baby comes. Coincidently, a week later my husband received an offer from the company to transfer to another branch which was at the other end of the city. As unprepared as we were for moving while I’m pregnant, we collectively agreed to take up the offer.

Now to move to another house is a struggle, but to move while you’re pregnant is a whole different story. So here’s my guide to you, a mom-to-be, so that you won’t have to go through the unnecessary hardships that many other moving-while-pregnant moms had to suffer from. I shall preach this post to you from word to word.

1. Start Packing in Advance

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It is up to you if you want to hire a full packing and moving team or do it on your own. Either way, it will be a lot easier on you if you start packing well in advance. A box or two a day is enough if you start packing at least a month in advance. (I had a 6 weeks prior intimation, when I was 2 weeks pregnant.) By the time a week was left before the moving day, we had packed more than half of our stuff. We had left the essentials and food items for last.

Pro Tip: Leave the everyday kitchenware for later and pack the glassware, china and rarely used kitchenware in advance.

2. Don’t Lift

Yes, you might have been fitter than a horse a month back, but when you’re pregnant, your body acts entirely different. Your hormones are not the only things that change. A pregnant lady’s ligaments loosen up, her body’s center of balance is changed, and she feels exhausted very soon. So entirely avoid lifting because mind well, you’re carrying another life inside you.

Consult your doctor as to how much workload you should physically handle when pregnant. Depending on which month of the pregnancy you’re in, he will guide you on exactly where to stop.

3. Take as Much Help as You Can


Your friends and family will offer to help out with packing and moving. Please don’t slip out on that option. There is no need to become the moving martyr. During this beautiful phase of your life, let your close ones contribute because they only want to make it easier on you. Being pregnant has its perks, trust me on that one. Depending on which phase of the pregnancy you’re on, you could help out with that sort of work. You could carry out lighter tasks like wrapping plates or take the dishes out of the dishwasher.

Pro Tip: Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. Don’t let moving while you’re pregnant get in the way of that. Packing and unpacking can wait, but yours and the baby’s health are of utmost importance.

4. Maintain a Check List

Being the control freak that I am, moving while I’m pregnant was a rollercoaster ride. It took me a week after I started packing to realize that I keep going back to square one every other day. So I finally sat down and made a list of things that needed to be packed and put in a box. Slowly and gradually, my husband with some help of our close friends made it happen. We sorted out the areas of the house that needed to be packed and boxed, and it got a lot easier and more manageable post.

5. It is Okay to Break Down

I remember crying every three days, just because. One, I was pregnant and hormonal. Two, I was moving from our old house. That was the house my husband and I had been living ever since. You’re undergoing a major change, not only in your body but also in your life. You might often feel as the moving day gets closer that things are not going as per your plan, but it is going to be okay. You can cry, you’re allowed to.

6. Embrace the Takeaways

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As a pregnant lady, your sudden aversion/attraction towards food is understandable. But when you’re moving, your kitchen can’t be used for a consequent number of days. This was when I made the most of my pregnancy cravings.

Pro Tip: If you don’t feel like eating in, go out and eat. If you don’t want to eat restaurant food anymore, ask a friend to cook some comfortable food for you. Either way, you must eat because you’re eating for two.

7. Prepare an ‘Essentials’ Bag Just For You!

When you’re moving, it isn’t necessary that you will find all the things as and when you need them. And also since you’re pregnant, there are some objects you will need urgently. Everything from pills and pillows to your favorite hand cream fit into ‘essentials’ when you’re pregnant. Pack a bag (or five) and stuff all the things you know you might want to use at any given point. Keep these bags handy and avoid any unnecessary motion.

Pro Tip: Pack your body pillow, tissues, soothing fragrance mist, comfortable food, your favorite candies, chocolates, pills and your cozy blanket in a duffle bag. Keep the bag at hand’s reach. Drink lots of fluids and eat regularly.

8. Label Them All

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As soon as you’re done packing a box, label it! If you know the layout of your new house, it is even better. You can plan in advance where you want to place the contents of the box. So you can directly unpack the box in that very room of your new house.

Summing Up

Amidst of the transfixion of moving into a new home, a new neighborhood or a new city, it is essential that you should not take the pregnancy take a back seat. As a future mother-to-be, you should be happy and relaxed at all times. I hope this post makes your moving experience a lot easier. Comment below to share your moving-while-pregnant stories or queries.

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