6 Steps For Kids On How To Brush Your Teeth For A Healthy Smile

6 Steps For Kids On How To Brush Your Teeth For A Healthy Smile


Are you worried for your child’s teeth whether they are being taken care properly or not? Are you concerned about the oral problems which have widely spread all around the world nowadays? Are you looking for right techniques to teach your kids how to brush their teeth properly and look after it in a right manner? So, this is the right place for you to find answers to all your questions. All the steps to brush your kid’s teeth are extrapolated here in a pellucid form.

To have a healthy and bright smile is not a difficult thing. However, it does take some efforts. Do remember one thing when you are looking for various techniques to brush your kid’s teeth. Correct choices of tools and proper techniques are mandatory to brush teeth. Go through all the mentioned steps to brush your kid’s teeth here and keep your kid’s teeth healthy forever.

1. Use the Right Tools to Brush Your Kid’s Teeth


The two main tools to brush your kid’s teeth are toothpaste and a toothbrush. There are two types of toothbrushes which are available in a market such as powered brush and manual brush. You can pick any of a type whichever suits you. Both of them clean up your teeth thoroughly if you use it in a proper way.

The main requirement is to use a toothbrush which can reach to back teeth and hard to reach areas of the mouth. When you are looking for right toothpaste, then any fluoride toothpaste will do. You should avoid excessive use of toothpaste and make a habit of using an adequate amount. When we are thinking about how much an adequate amount is, and then it is same as a size of peas. Every toothpaste company recommends it.

2. Clean Outer Surface of Teeth at First

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Now the first question is from where to start brushing your kid’s teeth. The only way to ensure that you are brushing your kid’s teeth correctly is to follow methodical approach. You should first start sweeping toothbrush back and forth gently by tilting it. Do it along the gum line for upper and lower teeth at both front and back side of teeth. Removing plaque from the gum line is also crucial. You can do that by using the tip of your toothbrush. You just need to use up and down strokes.

3. You have to Clean Chewing Surfaces Next

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Now once you are done with the cleaning of outer surfaces, it comes to the chewing surfaces. Cleaning the outer surface of teeth does not take much time. Moreover, chewing surfaces are the places where most of the substances stick. Those surfaces are uneven everywhere, and that is why it is easy to clean it. You just need to move your toothbrush forth and back.

Gently using back and forth strokes, you can avoid undesired build-up of plague. If your kid is facing excessive plague problem, then you can use floss. That dental floss helps you to remove plague from the gap between teeth. Moreover, those are waxed flosses and do not harm your kid’s teeth in any manner. It does not matter how you do that, but removing plague from everywhere is essential to keep your kid’s mouth healthy. It is so because most of the germs and bacteria are the main reason behind any oral problems.

4. Time to Clean Your Tongue

Finally, you are done cleaning your teeth from all sides. Now here comes a time to clean your kid’s tongue. Tongue cleaning is also a vital part in brushing. Just brushing your kid’s teeth is not enough to keep their mouth healthy. You have to scrub their tongue too. When we are talking about the cleaning of a mouth, then tongue cleaning is also as important as brushing the teeth.

By scrubbing the tongue, you can remove bacteria from your kid’s mouth. One more concern is bad breath. The unclean tongue is the prime reason for bad breath. It just does not annoy your kids but all the people around them. Therefore, you should never skip this part while brushing your kid’s teeth. You can prevent bad breath by regularly scrubbing your kid’s tongue.

You can use tongue cleaner separately, or you can use those toothbrushes which include tongue cleaner at the back. However, I suggest you use tongue cleaner because it works well. You must have just one thing keep in your mind before you use it. Your kid’s tongue is very gentle as compared to your tongue. Therefore, you should use it very gently when you are cleaning your kid’s tongue.

5. Rinse Out Your Mouth and Do Gargle 2-3 Times at the End

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Now as you are finished with brushing your kid’s teeth, you should make them spit out leftover toothpaste from their mouth. You should make sure that your kid does not eat toothpaste while brushing if he/she has just started brushing. It does not affect them too in a bad manner, but it is better to avoid such things.

Now, make your kid rinse their mouth with water. By doing so, it freshens up the mouth and cleans mouth properly. The last step is to gargle 2-3 times. It helps to clean mouth entirely and assures fresh breath. Now at the end, wash your kid’s face with fresh water, and he/she is ready with a sparkling smile.

6. Last but Not the Least is to Repeat All Again


As you are well aware of the correct tools and right techniques for brushing, the only task left is to repeat the whole process at a regular interval. You should make your kid brush at least twice a day. Brushing teeth once in the morning and once before going to bed is adequate.

Brushing teeth in the morning is very important to start a day with a fresh mouth. Brushing your kid’s teeth before going to bed is important to clean up all the substances left in teeth. It can introduce gum problems. If you feel like brushing more than twice in a day, then you can do that after consulting your dentist.

Some important things need to be kept in mind while brushing your kid’s teeth:

  • Do not use toothpaste till your kid is above 18 months
  • Only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste as mentioned earlier.
  • Do not let your kids brush their teeth by themselves. Sit or stand behind them and if your kid is a toddler then make him/her sit on your lap.
  • While brushing your kid’s teeth, use one of your hand to support his/her chin.
  • Regularly check their teeth and make sure if there is any sign of decay or plaque build-up.
  • Always avoid giving sugary food to your child.

Do not let your kid have chocolates before they go to bed. It sticks between teeth for a longer time and introduces gum problems and cavity.


I hope the information mentioned above about steps to brush your kid’s teeth will help you. As mentioned above, there are 3 main parts of brushing which are brushing, scrubbing and flossing. You should always remember that teeth cleaning is the vital part of oral hygiene. Therefore, you should never overlook the importance of it for your kid’s health.

For healthy teeth, you should just follow a healthy diet and regular brushing. Brushing is the only solution for a sparkling smile for your kid’s teeth. All the steps presented above will guide you in the best possible way. I suppose it will guide you in right manner. If you have any doubt, then comment below, and we would be more than happy to help you. Thank you!

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